LiveWarping Preview

This dialog enables the possibility to check quality and image cut-off for dynamic view-dependent warping.


The settings page allows the configuration of the live warping preview.

The preview can either be done on PatternGenerator (default) or positional data can be provided as VRPN server, to test behavior directly in a compatible 3D engine.

ProjectionTools PatternGenerator

Guess Frusti

When enabled, calculate frusti based on projection mesh instead of previously defined target rectangles.


To enable the VRPN Tracker Simulator switch the Backend to VRPN. Then configure the VRPN tracker by selecting the name, IP address and port the Tracker Simulator should run on. Below the IP address drop down list you will find the identifier to be used in a VRPN client application.


On the EyePoint page the eye point can be moved to any arbitrary point in 3d space as well. In addition the rotation and pivot can be defined as well.