Projector Control

The projector control provides advanced previews and basic control of the PatternGenerator channels.

Color Preview:

Shows uniform test-colors on selected projectors. Quick selectors for standard colors and a color picker for custom color selections are provided in the basic commands box.


showing channel number, resolution and setup information on selected projectors


quits selected PatternGenerator instances

Rectangular/Polar Grid:

preview of rectangular + polar grids in different resolutions (Quality: Rough, Medium, High, Custom)

3d preview:

Rendering an image corresponding to Viewport/Frustum settings per channel. This preview requires the corresponding warping/blending applied on a warp-unit seperately, in order to produce a continuous image on the projection screen.

Direct openWarp:

Lets PatternGenerator store images compatible for direct upload on openWarp units

Enable Outlines:

Adds projector outlines and a dark gray background to grid previews.

Preview Subdivision:

Enables subdivision of line-segments in grid previews. This produces more smooth/accurate grids but is slower and requires PatternProjector version 2.1.1 or newer.