Leica Nova Multistation

The Leica Nova Multistations (MS50, MS60) are capable of 3d measuring of individual points and doing full 3d scans. The following sections describe how to capture data, that can be imported into ProjectionTools.



  1. Press the power button to turn on the Multistation and follow instructions.

  2. check distance units are set to meters using User/System Settings/Regional Settings

  3. Create a new job on the SD-Card using Jobs and Data/New Job. Set Device to SD Card. Creating the job on the SD-Card is important for later transfer of data to the PC.

  4. Make sure the optic is in 1. Position (Leica logo is not upside down)

Find multistation position

  1. Setup position using Go to Work/Setup

    1. Select method “Orientate to line” and follow instructions

    2. Follow instructions

    3. use calculated device position

    4. panorama is not needed

Reposition Multistation

Sometimes multiple positions are needed to capture all required data. In such cases follow these steps after physically repositioning the Multistation.

  1. Setup position using Go to Work/Setup

  2. Select method “Resection” and follow instructions

Measure Points

  1. select Go to Work/Setup and continue with current setup

  2. measure points

  3. export points as described in following chapter

Export Points

  1. use Jobs and Data/Export and copy data.../Export ASCII data and export to SD card

  2. check configuration



    1st position

    Point ID

    2nd position


    3rd position


    4th position


  3. Hit ok


  1. use Go to Work/Survay+/Scanning

  2. always use zoomed out camera and measure distance to compensate camera parallax.

  3. create one or multiple scan definitions. Multiple scans can be processed as one batch.

  4. start scans. All defined scans will be processed.

Data transfer to PC

The SD card can be safely removed while the multistation is in the main menu or turned off. Take the SD card and read it on the pc using a card reader. The exported points list can be imported by Reference Points dock and Scans can be loaded in Pointcloud Conversion Dialog.