Leica X3/X4 with DST 360 Adapter


  • PC with Bluetooth

  • free Leica software DISTO Transfer PC

  • Leica X3/X4 with DST 360 rotation base


  • Start the DISTO Transfer Software on the PC

  • Turn on the Leica X3/X4

  • Mount the X3/X4 device onto the DST 360 rotation base to trigger the leveling procedure

  • Follow the steps on the X3/X4 display to perform the leveling procedure

Software setup

Configure the DISTO Transfer Software under Mainwindow/Setup


DISTO Transfer Mainwindow

  • use decimal point as divider

  • use first two measurements as the definition for the origin & direction of the X axis


Sending Data

  • Select the following data format: Position XCoord YCoord ZCoord##Return

  • Select “Send to a fixed input position”

  • Open up the text editor of choice and select it as target for the DISTO data send

Capturing data

  1. orient the device by measuring world origin and point on X axis as the first two points

  2. continue capturing all points of interest

  3. measurements will be send automatically to the open text editor in the specified format

  4. once done save the marker file in .txt format, which can be opened in ProjectionTools


The direct .csv point list export from DISTO Transfer is currently unusable in ProjectionTools. ISTO Transfer uses a comma as decimal point as well as delimiter for separating the entries, which hinders a useful file parsing.