Export MPCDI

The MPCDI Exporter allows to export correction data following the Vesa MPCDI standard (MPCDI: Multiple Projector Common Data Interchange).

Export Settings

File Name:

The place and name of the created MPCDI file.


Select MPCDI format version.


Allows to select the exported data and quality according to the 4 levels defined by MPCDI 1.0 standard.

  1. Standard warping + monochrome alpha

  2. Standard warping + rgb alpha + rgb beta

  3. High resulution warping + monochrome alpha

  4. High resolution warping + rgb alpha + rgb beta


Allows to select geometry quality for MPCDI 2.0 exports.


Allows to select blending and black-level correction quality for MPCDI 2.0 exports.

Buffer width/height:

Intended complete source resolution for the whole projection system.

Dynamic Warping:

Allows to switch between standard 3d and dynamic warping export in Mapper3d.


MPCDI does not support rotated cutting rectangles for 2D mappings. So assure that cutting rectangles in projects intended for MPCDI export are straight.

For achieving straight cutting rectangles, set bounding box mode to “Unrotated”, or can be used, or adjusting the cutting rectangles manually to have zero rotation.