Export VI-GraphSim

The VI-GraphSim exporter supports export of dynamic warping, blending and black-level-correction data to VI-Grade VI-GraphSim.

Export Settings

Export Path:

The folder to which all exported files will be exported. Data for each channel will be put in corresponding subfolders.


Enable to export data, based on which dynamic warping is calculated during runtime.

Target Rectangle:

Toggle export of target rectangles, which are used to dynamically generate frustum settings for any given eyepoint during runtime.


The distance is set to mixed by default, which means the target distances per projector from the frustum settings in the project are used.


The scale value is usually a bit larger than 1.0 to avoid content cut-off, when moving the eyepoint around in a dynamic viewpoint system.


Allows to toggle export of shading files, which may contain multiple layers of shading:


If enabled, the blending will be calculated and exported for each projector


If enabled, clipping data will be calculated, added to the blending images and exported for each projector. It is only usable if blending is enabled.

Brightness adjust:

If enabled, uniformity correction is applied.

Black Level Adjust:

Enable to export Black Level Adjust image.