Export 7th Sense Delta Media Server

The export for 7th sense Delta Media Server is done using the generic Exporter.

Delta Media Server supports Frustum Mode Auto Alignment for Dome Projection (Mapper3d) and 2d exports for more simple flat or cylindrical screen setups (Mapper2d).

Delta Server looks for auto calibration data in c:\AutoAlignment. Therefor, the exported data should be copied to the appropriate server in the C:\AutoAlignment folder.

Export Settings

Use the following settings in the Generic Exporter to export for Delta:

  • Warping type: uv-warped. This is essential if you wish to use

    BlackLevel Adjustment. Vertex mapping mode will work if

  • BlackLevel Adjustment is not required

  • Shading type: Virtual Camera + png 32bit color

  • Select Black Level Adjust if required

  • Enable Frustum/Cutting export