Export 3D-Perception

The 3D-Perception exporter supports export of warping and blending for 3D-Perception warp units.

It supports nBox and the older discontinued UTM warp units.

It supports 3D engine setups as well as 2D MegaWall setups.


3D-Perception nBox/UTM supports warping and blending, but be aware that the nBox/UTM reduces the blending information roughly to a quarter of the projector resolution. So, sharp edged clippings or fadouts defined in the ProjectionTools will produce jagged edges in the projection.

The UTM has less color precision, which leads to blending artefacts in dark areas and the edge of blend zones.

Export Settings

Export Path

An existing folder where the warping and blending data will be stored by the exporter.


Activate, to export blending information.


The exported data is meant to be imported in 3D Perception nControl to be applied on all channels.

  1. Prepare nBox processors in 3D-Perception nControl for data import

    1. add Geometry Adjustement to nBox processor

    2. add Blend Map Adjustment to nBox processors

  2. Export data using 3D-Perception exporter

  3. Load and setup geometry correction for each nBox processor

    1. select corresponding warpmap3DP\_*.csv

    2. settings 0,0 to 1,1

  4. Load blending data for each nBox processor

    1. select corresponding blending\_*.png