Export Calibre

The calibre exporter supports export of warping, blending and black-level adjust.

Export Settings

Export Path

Before the warping, blending or black level adjust data can be uploaded it has to be saved locally at the computer. The export folder should exist. All data necessary for the upload will be saved there.


The resolution fields are fixed to 17x17. This is due internal regulations of the calibre units. The field is still shown for reference and to support future changes.


Enable “Grid Files” to export the warping information for usage with the calibre Warp Generator tool. This files may be edited through this tool and uploaded from there. Note: this files are not exported directly to the units. Enable “Warp Files” to export the warping information for direct upload. This files can’t be edited manually.


Enable “General” to export the blending data. Enable “Black level adjust” to export the black level adjust data.

Direct upload

enable to upload the new warping and blending directly to the calibre units.

Table with ip-addresses

Enter the ip address of each calibre unit, so that export can be directly uploaded. If a unit is unchecked it will be excluded from the direct upload.