Export Norxe Unify

The Norxe Unify exporter supports export and upload of warping, blending and black level correction for Norxe Unify projectors.

  • Requires Firmware 1.3 or newer.

  • Black Level Correction not yet tested.

Export Settings

Export Path

Before the correction data can be uploaded it has to be saved locally to the computer. The export folder should exist. All data necessary for the upload will be saved there.


Select how non-native content is scaled. Activate letterboxing, when ”Fill Aspect” is used on projector

Native Resolution

Set the native projector chip width and hight here (depends on projector type). This is important to do the correct scaling of the exports.


Select which layers should be included in the exported shading file.

Black Level Correction

Select if black level correction should be exported as well.

Upload Name

Allows to use custom names for the uploaded correction file. Thus multiple corrections can be stored on the projector for different scenarios.

Table with IP-addresses

Enter the ip address of each projector, so that export can be directly uploaded. If a projector is unchecked it will be excluded from the direct upload.