Export Westar Warper4k

The Warper4k exporter supports export of warping, blending and Black-Level correction for westar Warper4k warp units.

Minimum Firmware Version: 10.2

Export Settings

Export Path

Before the correction data can be uploaded it has to be saved locally to the computer. The export folder should exist. All data necessary for the upload will be saved there.


Enable “Warping” to export warping information.


Enable “Shading” to export blending and uniformity correction data.


Enable “BLA” to export black-level correction data.

Direct upload

Enable to upload the new warping and blending directly to the warp unit.


Enter the device name of each warpbox. When empty, the first warpbox found will be used. The correct names can be retrieved using the manufacturer software Wink or Mesh4k. A unique part of the full name is sufficient for matching.


Number of channel in warp unit (each warpbox can have up to 5 channel, starts with 1).


If a warp unit is unchecked it will be excluded from the direct upload.