Export Zeiss VELVET

The Zeiss VELVET exporter supports blending for Zeiss VELVET projectors. Communication with the projectors is handled by the VELVET Master program.

Export Settings


Settings for communication with the VELVET Master program


IP-Address of computer running the VELVET Master program


VELVET Master communication port (default 8090)


The exporter will connect to the VELVET master program if activated. Deactivate for simulation purposes.

Export Path:

Before the blending correction data can be uploaded it has to be saved locally to the computer. The export folder must exist before exporting. All data necessary for the upload will be saved there.

Table with Names:

Enter the Projector names. These names must be the same as used inside VELVET master for a given projector.


Currently all program versions are supported. The program must be running when using the exporter. Please refer for more details to the VELVET Master documentation.