Export ScalableDesktop

ScalableDesktop exporter supports export of warping and shading for one ScalableDesktop computer with multiple displays attached and organized in a regular grid.

  • All displays must have the same resolution.

  • Displays must be ordered line wise in a regular grid.

Export Settings

Export Path

A folder where the exported files should be saved. The folder should exist.


Number of displays in a row. Native desktop-resolution is calculation based on this.


Number of rows. Native desktop-resolution is calculated based on this.


Enable to export “ScalableDataOrthographic.ol” which contains the geometric information.


Enable to export shading images “ProjectorAlphaMask-blend0.bmp” containing, blending, clipping and shading information.

Import to ScalableDesktop

  1. Override the corresponding files in: [ScalableDesktop-Programfolder]\DEI\SystemData\LocalCalibration

  2. Re-Engage the warping.